Why Choose H2o Networks

It’s all about the results that are achieved for care group clients; our thinking is results thinking for the expected outcome driven by goals. This means we always achieve your “expected result” these are 14 reasons why.

1.- Improve Your CQC Rating – We have worked with Care Groups for 18 years and advise through best practice of dealing with over 200 care homes to enable carers to spend more time with residents and achieve that all important Outstanding Rating from CQC.

2.- Rapid Response within 5 minutes day or night!- Care Homes don’t stop at 5pm, make sure your carers have IT support whenever they need it from caring English speaking IT support experts based in our London Office. If the issue can’t be fixed remotely, we  will send a technician on-site immediately. That is the service we provide to The Bondcare Group Nationwide

3.- Keep Mission Critical Systems & Resident Data Available With No Down Time Guaranteed – Get the peace of mind that your IT system just works. Care homes will always have resident data and access to your financial data (even if disaster strikes) so you can continue to issue invoices and do payroll. We make continuous working system and backup “our responsibility” and not yours and 100% Guarantee Your Data

4.- Proven Track Record … with over 200 Care Homes – Our clients tell us that they love the personal touch with our technicians and how they treat every issue as a priority. With over 70 years of combined experience, our own team in London fix problems fast and understand what you need to achieve at that moment.

5.- Have An Expert Implement Your NHS Toolkit –We take all the stress and headache away and do it for you from start to finish. Our implementation eliminates 90% of security risks, breaches and cyber attacks. You will also exceed the new NHS 2021 standards with an accredited certificate. We keep you care homes updated annually. If you have self implemented the NHS Toolkit then let an expert carry out a FREE Risk Assessment to make sure your Risk Free and don’t have any gaps!

6.- We’ll Be There Before You Know IT – With our national coverage and key technicians working locally to you, we can be on site within an hour or less.

7.- Continuous Working – You’ll Never Not Have A Backup Or Not Be Able To Work. – Unlike other computer support companies that install a “backup solution” and make it “your responsibility,” we’ll backup your critical information every 15 minutes and guarantee you can continue working within 30 minutes. This gives you peace of mind knowing that weare responsible for your business-critical information that you rely on daily.

8. Care Software Expertise – H2o help Care organisations choose the right software, by sitting in on the meetings, asking the awkward questions, testing the systems and challenging the care software suppliers. An example is moving ICare data to the new platform for our clients when the supplier said it could not be done. H2o are software company agnostic, we don’t push or promote any specific software, it must be right for each Care Group.

9. Guarantee Care Home Computers – Its always been a worry with what happens to computers in care homes. This ranges from unauthorised access, viruses, pop ups, slowness and critical data not being backed up. Our Care Home Security Agent prevents any of these problems happening by controlling the computers and locking them down to NHS Toolkit Standards. They are also backed up in real-time ensuring that any data accidentally deleted or removed can be restored within minutes. 

10.- System Changes While You Sleep – we schedule system upgrades and fixes after normal business hours to save you thousands of pounds in lost productivity. System upgrades, fixes, and installations can bring down your computer network for several hours. For your convenience, we’ll schedule our technicians to perform this work after hours so there is minimal interruption to your normal business activities. Oh and the best part that it is included in the annual support.

11.- Directors Home Support Included For FREE – We fully support and cover your home and treat it as an extension to the office for FREE. By having your home covered, means you have the same business grade computer support at home as you have in the office. No more frustrating computer problems at home, we also support game consoles, printing issues and home network Internet setup.

12.- Fixed Price Support – we charge a single monthly payment for remote, telephone, on-site and pro-active monitoring of your system day and night. We don’t charge our support cover clients by the hour so you never have to worry about an unexpected bill or having us on-site for X number of hours, it is all included.

13.- Flat Rate Project Pricing. – Unlike other computer support companies that give you an estimate with an hourly rate for “unexpected circumstances,” we’ll give you one flat rate for a project and guarantee to deliver your solutions without charging a penny more. This gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t end up with a bill 2 or 3 times more than you anticipated or getting hit with hidden charges or extra hours.

14.- Supplier Management – Eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple suppliers that seem to blame each other and never get to the root of the problem or take responsibility. H2o manage this for you so your staff do not waste time calling and holding for third party software, printer and copier suppliers, we do it for you

How To Improve Your

CQC Rating To Outstanding

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