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Do you want to eliminate the frustration of IT Interruptions that drain time,
make staff unable to work and cause loss of data?

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Adam Abrahami

Founder and CEO

Find out how Draycott Achieved CQC Outstanding

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Does this sound like your

care home or care group?

Our care software is slow, does not update properly and constantly experiences issues.

Issues with our systems cause severe delays and make managing residents difficult.

Our staff are frustrated and complaining about their computer issues every day.

We can’t rely on our IT provider to prioritize us.

We don’t have the knowledge or expertise to improve or streamline our technology.

We have to create manual workarounds for problems which we shouldn’t have in the first place.

Most care groups we speak to sound just like this, and it’s because their 

business technology is FAILING them.

Yours ?

Working with:

5 Reasons to choose H2o Networks for your IT

We’re experts at creating and executing a detailed plan for smooth, painless transition

We identify the gaps in your IT and fix them so your IT and Cyber Security systems just work without IT Interruptions that lose you money

We have engineers throughout England & Wales from cable, WiFi, and Telecom staff to fix problems super fast.

We care for your business and become a part of your team. We get the urgency and provide 24/7 IT support in under 60 seconds.

Over 20 years dealing with unique challenges in the care sector; looking at growth, CQC Rating and compliance with NHS DSP Toolkit so your not hacked!

More time and less stress

managing your care business

We understand these issues all too well, and have developed the tools, processes and support procedures to ensure your care software and all your technology systems work together and do what they are designed to do: make life easier

By implementing more streamlined processes and backing them with improved and optimized systems, we will help your care business achieve increased productivity, less downtime, happier staff and residents, with overall cost savings.

Why do care homes and care groups choose H2o Networks?

H2o Networks’ care specific solutions are designed to support and improve your care business IT systems, security and processes.

We can provide a better way to use technology to grow your care business, without the inherent risks of a cybersecurity or data loss event.

With more than 20 years of technical experience, H2o Networks understands that care  groups need a trusted, reliable IT partner who has the knowledge and experience to guide them and support their day-to-day operational load while being compliant with care regulations.

What our clients say

They Have Been Invaluable and Helped Us Grow!

IT Works, Regulators Are Happy and Residents Get Better Care

We first started working with H2o Networks in 2015; since then our business has grown significantly, and H2o has been there for us throughout the entire journey, scaling with us and taking full ownership of IT. I have been pleasantly surprised with the amazing support that we have received through our continued growth; every one of our employees can work without interruptions and fussing over IT. Just as important, they have been able to ensure we stay compliant as new regulations have been rolled out, facilitating our ICT services and giving us peace of mind to focus on delivering the best possible care to our residents – that has been invaluable. I have no hesitation recommending H2o!



Peter Evans

Managing Director

The Salveocare Group

You Will Never Know How Much Stress You Saved Me

H2o is, without doubt, a lifesaver. I was at the point of having a meltdown over not being able to open a document I had been working for over a month that was critical for CQC. They were able to recover the document saving me countless hours of stress and work. For that I’ll be forever grateful! 


Care Worldwide

Joanne Murray

Manager, Nelson Manor Care Home

The Care World Wide Group


Faster Response and 38% IT Overhead Cut Annualy

We were able to reduce our IT overhead by 38% with a co-managed IT. It has been important to keep the same level of high service and support. This process only took a week from start to finish.. In fact, we recently had one of their techs responding to an IT failure 15 minutes after it happened in the middle of the night! Adam and H2o’s phenomenal team have been on hand to advise on care regulations and ensure our systems are protected from attacks.

H2o Networks are by far the best IT company that I have come across in all my years of working in Care. I would highly recommend Adam and H2o Networks to any potential client.  


Leib Levison

Managing Director

The Bondcare Group


Healthcare IT Support

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Help Desk

We offer assistance with network and computer issues.

Cyber Network Security

Let us help you keep your company’s data safe from breaches.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company with Ransomware Protection

Why You Should Trust H2O NETWORKS To Support Your Computer Network

When we talk to care business Directors and  we continually hear about the  stress and time-drain caused by managing IT problems with a real frustration that IT doesn’t work.
At H2o Networks we design, install, support and maintain our clients’ IT infrastructures and ensure everything works daily.
Central to this, we work on giving our clients a competitive advantage, help reduce costs, and genuinely seek ways to improve their business through technology.
Our approach is not to just solve issues, but to continuously work and eliminate problems before they actually happen.
This is the experience that we create for our clients so that they can continuously work without IT frustrations.

Adam Abrahami, MCP, MA, BA (Hons)
Director, H2o Networks

Care Home IT Support

You need someone who speaks your language. You need someone who’s got experience.

H2o Network Security

Predict and prevent attacks before they happen.

Continuous Backup

At H2o, every support cover guarantees that all their data will be backed up.

Cloud Computing

Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint or cloud servers are part of H2o covering.


Training is included in our IT Support as it does matter.


H2o delivers results that completely eliminate 97% of day to day problems

H2o Total Care

First class IT Support, H2o Total Care.

H2o Concierge

H2o Concierge - Putting You First.

Not Ready To Call Us Just Yet?

If so, we would at least like to send you a copy of our recently published report, The 7 Most Critical IT Security Protections Every Care Group Must Have In Place NOW To Protect Themselves From Cybercrime, Data Breaches And Hacker Attacks.

Even if you aren’t ready to make a change right now, this book will give you important questions you should ask your current IT person to make sure that their policies, procedures and service standards won’t leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other problems.

Simply fill out the form here and we’ll send you a copy today!



4 Reasons To Trust H2o Networks To Support Your Computer Network


Improve Your CQC Rating To Outstanding  
For 18 Years We have helped Care Groups implement best practice and improve CQC rating through technology – see what we did with Draycott Nursing and Care Case Study. Find out how you can increase occupancy. How your carers can spend more time with residents and have this fully documented for the next Inspection by CQC.


Response within 5 minutes day or night!- Care Homes don’t stop at 5pm, make sure your carers have IT support whenever they need it from caring English speaking IT support experts based in our London Office. If the issue can’t be fixed remotely, we  will send a technician on-site immediately. That is the service we provide to The Bondcare Group Nationwide


Have An Expert Implement Your NHS Toolkit With A True Risk Assessment. –   
We take all the stress and headache away and do it for you from start to finish. Our implementation eliminates 90% of security risks, breaches and cyber attacks. You will also exceed the new NHS 2021 standards with an accredited certificate. We keep you care homes updated annually. If you have self implemented the NHS Toolkit then let an expert carry out a FREE Risk Assessment to make sure your Risk Free and don’t have any gaps!.


Keep Mission Critical Systems & Resident Data Available With No Down Time Guaranteed – Get the peace of mind that your IT system just works. Care homes will always have resident data and access to your financial data (even if disaster strikes) so you can continue to issue invoices and do payroll. We make continuous working system and backup “our responsibility” and not yours and 100% Guarantee Your Data

Co-Managed I.T.

A NEW And Superior Approach To I.T. Support

Co-managed I.T., also called Co-MITs, is a customized set of ongoing I.T. services, support and tools we offer to companies with I.T. departments to help “co-manage” all aspects of I.T. support. Not only does this save your organization money, but it also enables your I.T. team to be more effective and efficient, giving you greater peace of mind, better I.T. support and protections against downtime, cybercrime, ransomware and I.T.-related compliance violations.