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Very Professional Friendly and Quick To Respond

Draycott Nursing changed its IT providers due to the company growing and losing the “personal” touch with its clients, not to mention the increase in cost. When researching for a new provider I invited 4 different companies in to discuss our IT needs and H2O was by far the provider of choice.

Not only did Draycott Nursing feel that you were genuinely interested in how you could support us, you went above and beyond by offering us advice and guidance on our current IT system and even supported us on what to ask the other persons tendering for the contract.

Your team are always very professional, friendly and quick to respond to any queries or issues Draycott Nursing might be experiencing. They always try and explain things in laymen terms and will do further research to support the office team on IT queries that might not actually fully be an IT support remit.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the professional and high service we receive on a daily basis and I would not hesitate in recommending H2O to anyone who are considering using your services.
Rene Ritter
Head Of Operations, Draycott Nursing and Care
£100K Grant For Our Care Homes To Help Implement EMR

Thanks to H2o Networks that arranged a 100K grant for all our care homes to have electronic medical records.
Jacob Sorotzkin
Director - The Bondcare Group
Can Always Get Hold of Support, We are saving 33% A Year On IT and We Feel Safe Against Cyber Attacks.

In 2013 we decided to outsource our IT completely with H2o Networks with an annual saving of 33%. This has proven to be faster cheaper than our previous in-house IT. With H2o, it’s the personal touch, the team give us the impression that we are their only client and we always get an immediate response even at 12:15 at night?

Over the last 7 years as we have expanded to 60 care homes, Adam and H2o’s phenomenal team have been on hand to advise on care regulations and ensure our systems are protected from attacks.

H2o Networks are by far the best IT company that I have come across in all my years of working in Care. I would highly recommend Adam and H2o Networks to any potential client.
Leib Levison
Director - The Bondcare Group
You Will Never Know How Much Stress, Working Hours You Saved Me

Dear Adam,
I am sorry that its taken me this long to get back to you, I have a list so long of jobs to do you would not believe. I wanted to thank you for the work you did for me when I could not open the documents I had been working on for over a month. I am so sorry that I went home and left you to it, at that point I was having a meltdown as the documents are critical for CQC.

To be honest I did not know what you were talking about, I am hopeless with technology. You will never know how much stress, working hours you saved me and for that I am very grateful. I did tell Jacob how wonderful you are but in case he did not pass it on to you Thank you.
Joanne Murray
Home Manager - Nelson Manor Care Home
Our IT Simply Works, Meets Care Regulations And Carers Can Now Spend More Time With Residents

IT Works, Regulators Are Happy and Residents Get Better Care

We outsourced our IT support to H2O Networks in 2015 and since then our business has grown significantly. H2o has been with us throughout this journey taking ownership and responsibility for all our ICT throughout the Company.

Like most sectors, the important thing for care Homes is that our IT simply works without fuss or intervention by the end user. I have been surprised at the close support that we have been afforded by H2o throughout ours and their growth.

Care Homes are subject to a sometime oppressing regulatory framework and H2o have made it their business to understand and facilitate our ICT services to meet both the commercial and regulatory requirements.

Time needs to be spent caring for our residents and not sorting out IT problems
Peter Evans
Genuinely Wanted To Help Us Use IT To improve Our Business...You Are A Truly Dedicated Team, A Rare Find

Dear Adam

Re: Thank you

As the lucky person to have been made responsible for our IT systems over the years, I have spent many a weekend overcoming problems created by numerous so-called “IT specialists”. The problem had always seemed to be finding someone who really knew what they were talking about and genuinely wanted to help is use our IT to improve our business.

Finally, after a particularly fraught month, I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to H2o Networks, an IT company who don’t waste my time telling me how much they know or trying to blind me with jargon, but just on and do the job.

You are a truly dedicated team, a rare find, who in addition to keeping our systems working efficiently, continually endeavour to improve our operation with the use of ever developing IT systems.

I wouldn’t hesitate to fully recommend H2o Networks and am more than happy to convey this to anyone who is considering using your services.
Liz Forrest
Chandler & Co

H2o Networks truly appreciates and understands what is needed for a business to be productive. We always appreciate and respect the level of personal and professional dialogue with H2o Networks staff. This provides us with a sense of trust and confidence. Their work demonstrates the highest quality and expertise, and we are confident that any computer problem (no matter how big or small) can and will be solved.
Philip Klor
Care World Wide

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